Child Nutrition
Menus With Nutrient Analysis

The CVUSD Child Nutrition team is committed to providing your children with an appetizing, nutritious lunch on a daily basis. CVUSD participates in the National School Lunch Program. CVUSD has chosen Nutrient Standard Menu Planning as a menu option and the Child Nutrition Department analyzes all of its menus with the help of nutrient analysis software. USDA has set strict guidelines for calories, fat and nutrient content. Below each daily menu, you will find the nutrient analysis of lunches served.

Special Dietary Needs?
Please contact the school nurse, cafeteria employee or the Central Kitchen at
588-3113, with any menu questions and/or for guidance.

A Doctor’s Note (indicating that “your child cannot drink milk”) is needed if desiring a juice as a replacement beverage. Please give this note and your request to the cafeteria employee.

Meatless meals (hot and cold) are offered. The meals that are considered meatless are designated on the menu with an asterisk (*).

Take a look at what we have at our Snackstations and the Fruit & Veggie Bar.

Printable Lunch Menus Available: