Child Nutrition
Free & Reduced Information

Meal Prices:

The Cajon Valley Union School District takes part in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Program. Nutritious meals are served every school day.

Elementary students may buy lunch for $2.25. Middle School students may purchase COMBO lunches for $2.50. A reduced-price lunch is $.40.

Breakfast is now offered daily at the following schools: Cajon Valley Middle School, Emerald Middle School, Greenfield Middle School, Montgomery Middle School, Anza, Bostonia, Chase, Johnson, Lexington, Madison, Magnolia, Naranca and Rios Elementary Schools.

Students may buy Breakfast for $1.25 and eligible students may receive Breakfast free or at a reduced-price of $.25.


Direct Certification - If you are receiving CalWORKs OR SNAP (previously Food Stamps), you may have received a letter indicating your student's free meal eligibility.
(No further application is necessary.)

If you are on CalWORKs/SNAP but did not receive this letter, please follow the instructions below.

Applying for Free and Reduced-Price Meals -

  • A new application is required every school year
  • Only ONE application is required PER HOUSEHOLD
  • Households have 30 days (October 4, 2010) from the beginning of school to submit a new application, or the student's status will revert to full price and the student will have to pay the full price for his/her meals
  • Students retain the prior year's status until the new application is processed (if submitted within the first 30 days of school)
  • Foster children are considered a household of one, therefore foster children must have their own individual application submitted

"ON-LINE APPLICATIONS" - New for the 2010-2011 school year!(PENDING COMING SOON)
Click here to apply for Free and Reduced-price Meals on-line (in English or in Spanish.

  • Easy Step by Step Instructions
  • You will receive a confirmation number of your accepted application
  • Applications will be processed between 1 and 10 days depending on the volume of applications currently being processed

If you have submitted an application "on-line" -do not submit another application!

An application packet will be given to each student the 1st week of school.
  • Please complete "1"original application per family and return to the school office of your choice (no faxes and/or copies will be accepted).
  • Returning Students - An application must be completed for the 2010-2011 school year. Please return the application to the school office as soon as possible for prompt processing. Meals will not continue beyond October 4, 2010 without a newly processed application on file.
  • New Students - Student meal benefits will begin when a complete meal application has been processed at the Child Nutrition office and communicated to the school.

  • You will need to send a LUNCH from home
    MONEY with your child to purchase lunch

    Until your new application has been approved and you have received an approval letter from our office.

    New students and Preschool/Kindergarten student applications can be obtained at your children's school office (August 16th), or contact the Child Nutrition Department at (6190 588-3111 or pick up an Application Packet at the Child Nutrition office at 225 Roanoke, El Cajon.

    Review sample instructions and application:

    2010-2011 Cajon Free and Reduced Price Meals Application ENGLISH   SPANISH

    2010-2011 Cajon Free Reduced Price Meals Instructions (PDF) ENGLISH

    Confidential notification of meal eligibility status will be sent via the U.S. Postal Service. Please make sure your household's correct mailing address is on the application and given to the school office.

Government Guidelines
Income Eligibility Guidelines for Reduced-Price Meals
July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011

Household Size
Yearly $
Monthly $
Twice Per Month $
Every Two Weeks $
Weekly $
For each additional househould member

* A household of one means a foster child, an institutionalized child, or a pupil who is his/her sole support.